Mystery Quilt (2014 – 2015)

Joyce, from our Westside Quilters Guild presented a mystery clue each month starting last September.  I used a Kona white as my background and then scraps from my stash for the rest.  The quilt finishes at 60″ square and I was able to use a favorite fabric for the border and back.

The flowers are from Farmhouse Flowers here in Hillsboro.  I get two baskets for Mother’s Day from the guys.  They always look amazing!

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery front

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery back

2015 WQG Monthly Mystery (2)

Thursday, Charles (USMC son) and I backpacked to Yocum Ridge in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  We are planning on hiking the Timberline Loop (circles around Mt. Hood) next week, so this was a good opportunity to see if we could work together.  It went perfect!  I think the last time we shared a tent was when he was in fifth grade and he’s now 6’4″.
Charles Bear Grass The bridge over the Sandy River washed out last year killing a man.  It has not been replaced so now there is a log jam that can be used to cross.  I am not fond of river crossings, but this one wasn’t too bad.

Charles Crossing Sandy River

One Response to “Mystery Quilt (2014 – 2015)”

  1. onceawingnut Says:

    Looks like another great day of hiking. You are much braver than I am – I would have turned around at the “log bridge”. Go, you!

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