McNeil Shelter Hike on Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, Kevin chose McNeil Shelter on Mt. Hood as our destination.  Sarah and Charles joined us and Andrew had to work.  I brought a bag of tootsie rolls to pass out to the dads and on the drive up, asked how to approach men about their fatherhood status.  Our daughter said, “Just say, here toots”.  It was a fun day on the trails and all the men got tootsie rolls regardless!

Swag McNeil Point

Bald Mountain Bear Grass View

Family Bald Mountain view

We wanted to take the climber’s trail, but missed it and ended up going up the rocks.Climb up rock scree

Seldom do we see wildlife in the forest, but sure enough, here is a deer.Deer

This rainbow was interesting.  Another hiker called it a cloudbow.rainbow

There was a part of the trail that had washed out.  Sarah, who was told by her husband to keep his pack clean, didn’t…Sarah Ann Scramble down

Hard cider.  What can I say?

Sarah Chug

Forest Bear grass

Sarah Charles Bald Mountian view

2 Responses to “McNeil Shelter Hike on Father’s Day”

  1. onceawingnut Says:

    What a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day together. Lovely photos, as usual.

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    How fun to make it a family affair! Mt Hood is looking a little bare this time of year, isn’t it? Still a majestic mountain!

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