“A Stellar Quilt”

Last night, our guild had the “2015 Challenge” reveal.  24 of us accepted the challenge to create a quilt using N + 1C + Z or neutrals + one color + one zinger.  I was inspired by Pie Lady Quilts.  She has a great tutorial on her birds that I tweeked to be a Stellar’s Jay.  It is matchstick quilted and finishes at 36″ square.

“I’m Talking About the Birds” is the real name of my quilt.  I was finishing it on our trip to the mountain this weekend, so here it is in front of the command center (heard there was a broken leg at the summit of Mt. Hood) as we ended our backpack.Stellar Quilt

Stellar Quilt Back

WQG Challenge 2015 w Clyde

WQG Challenge 2015 back

WQG Challenge 2015 front and back

WQG Challenge 2015 jay

Except for one large quilt, the others are all lined up on this wall.  Thanks to Clara for organizing another challenge for us.
WQG Challenge Quilts 2015

2 Responses to ““A Stellar Quilt””

  1. Merilee Says:

    I love it! And the picture with Clyde is perfect. Mom and Dad would have gotten a kick out of this one AnnMarie…I used to laugh at their bird watching until I started doing it myself.

  2. annie Says:

    I think your quilt was stellar!! And should have been a winner! I am totally fascinated with the whites and creams in your background, the birds themselves and of course your clever name!

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