18.5 Miles with a Rainbow Quilt

This month, PMQG has us making rainbow mini quilts.  I’m not a fan of rainbow quilts at all, but participated with this 19″ x 25″ doll quilt.  The back uses Sam’s paper piecing letters.  Yesterday, Kevin and I hiked from Multnomah Lodge up to Larch Mountain and back via the Franklin Ridge Trail with the mini quilt.  Our total mileage was 18.5.

Rainbow Mini

Rainbow Mini back close

Rainbow Mini back

Rainbow Wahkeena Falls

Rainbow back Wahkeena Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

I totally love these trees close to Larch Mountain.

trees that Ann loves

This log fell right in line with the trail and the easiest way to navigate it was on top.

Kevin LogHere is a view looking over Multnomah Falls close to the end of our hike.  The parking lot was packed and there were tons of people.  When we got to the lot in the morning, there were two other vehicles.

Multnomah Falls Top Viewpoint

2 Responses to “18.5 Miles with a Rainbow Quilt”

  1. joyceinoregon Says:

    I love that you take us hiking with you. My knees really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. kmcina Says:

    Love that hike up to Multnomah Falls…haven’t done Larch Mountain yet, but hope to this summer!! 🙂

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