“Gin Flag” Quilt

I saw this quilt on SOTAK‘s blog and was instantly smitten.  The pattern can be purchased here.  The quilt name is a nod to the designer, I’m a Ginger Monkey’s love of gin. My husband found that in the Royal Canadian Navy, a “Gin flag” was meant as an invitation to other ships crews to join the ship flying the flag to come aboard when in dock for “gin”.  My quilt is 76″ x 96″.

Quilt Saturday Market 02

Quilt Saturday Market 03

Quilt Saturday Market 04   The Farmer’s Market covers several streets and since we live in downtown, we can easily walk.Saturday Farmers MarketOur daughter and son-in-law coaxed us into beer and some cards.

Sarah Michael KevinAndrew, who turns 23 on Monday, joined us today.

Andrew Kevin drove to California for work and snapped this shot of Mt. Shasta from the truck stop near Weed, Cal.Mt Shasta

3 Responses to ““Gin Flag” Quilt”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Fun quilt, fun day!

  2. quiltcharette Says:

    Really like your quilt!

  3. Cassandra Says:

    I love your take on is pattern! The color is incredible–I espesh love the back.

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