Sarah’s Christmas Quilt is Finally at her Home!!!

I named this quilt, “Fractured:  Advent to Lent” because it was to be a Christmas gift and I finished it on the drive home from Sew Day yesterday and Sarah got it today, Easter.  It’s 84″ x 92″  Material Obsession’s Red Centre is the pattern, although mine is different from the pattern.

Sarah Quilt Front

Here is the back.

Sarah Quilt Back

Sarah Quilt Closeup

Happy Easter!  This is a photo my husband took of our church last night.

Easter Vigil Mass 2015 watermark

9 Responses to “Sarah’s Christmas Quilt is Finally at her Home!!!”

  1. Merilee Says:

    Oh I love it! “Fractured” fits it.

  2. onceawingnut Says:

    I agree, “Fractured” is the perfect name. It’s a lovely quilt.

  3. Karen Says:

    Beautiful. The use of color here is so soothing. Very nice finish!

  4. susan Says:

    It’s gorges as usual! But I have to LOL…the center looks like a front view of a sewing machine!! From the picture anyway…appropriate anyway!!

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      I saw the same thing. Kevin took the photo without me around and thought the label was at the bottom. The quilt is actually sideways in the photo.

  5. Patti Peregrina Says:

    AnnMarie, this is an absolutely gorgeous quilt. It seems like every one you make is just slightly prettier than the next. As I’ve told you,I love the quilt you made for me. I know you are so very busy making quilts for your frieds, loved one, church and organizations, but I wonder if you could put me on the list for another quilt. I would be honored to pay for one, I’m looking for either a cabin one or a wedding ring one. I’ll understand if you don’t have time, but could you let me know? I know they are very expensive, but if you did offer to make one, I know I’d be so far down the list that I’d be able to save up the money needed. I love you all very much!

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