“Flying Falcons Quilt” is off to Quiltcon

At NW Quilt Expo back in September, I purchased a kit from Violet Craft for her Flying Falcons quilt.  What a deal because there was enough to make two quilts other than about four fabrics that were duplicated and the background.  I wanted to use something other than white, so Violet suggested using Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture “Toffee” for the background and I did and like it.  They finish at 60″ square and the white one is a gift to my friend and former running partner who I’ll be staying with in Austin this weekend.

Flying Falcons Toffee

Flying Falcons White

Flying Falcons Both

Flying Falcons Both back

Flying Falcons Close


I also squeeked out nine potholders to give as gifts to my aunt and cousins who I’ll be visiting.Potholders

2 Responses to ““Flying Falcons Quilt” is off to Quiltcon”

  1. LoisMarie Says:

    I love your modern quilts….what great designs!

  2. Jeri Says:

    have fun at QuiltCon!

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