Valentine’s Day on Mt. Hood with “LOVE” Quilts

Hopworks Urban Brewery has a contest on Instagram (#Anywhereable) where they’ll choose a photo monthly for a prize.   We took this before reaching our camp spot because daylight was running out.  Kevin didn’t want a snowman, but I made one while he was setting the photo up and I think it totally made the photo!
Heart Beer snowman

This is my PMQG 2015 mini for February.  I finished binding it on the way to Mt. Hood and took it along in my backpack for a photoshoot in the snow.  It is 24″ square.

PMQG 2015 February Mini

This is the Timberline Loop that circles Mt. Hood.  It is not the best time to follow it, but we’ve done it enough that Kevin navigates without a problem.  ~~ well one whack in the face for him with a branch.  The trail is really as steep as it appears.Timberline LoopHere I am cooking dinner.  It is pretty nice with low snow levels to find a tree to sit on rather than shoveling out a kitchen.

Cooking in the darkAnother of Kevin’s pantos.

panograph w watermarkThe groomer at Timberline had his light on for a very long time, but you can see climbers ascending the mountain early Sunday morning.

Cimbers w watermark

Heading out yesterday morning, the snow was so frozen, and we were walking on top of it.Ann walking

5 Responses to “Valentine’s Day on Mt. Hood with “LOVE” Quilts”

  1. Karen Says:

    These pictures are amazing! What an adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    I love the idea of you packing your quilts up to Mt Hood for fantastic and totally original photo shoots! The night photos are amazing, too.

  3. mmags9 Says:

    What amazing shots! I love the groomer photo with the climbers and stars in the background, magical. The snow is a perfect backdrop for your Valentines quilt too 🙂

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      What’s more fun is identifying the climbers through trip reports and the time of the photo. We’ve done it several times.
      Thanks for the nice comments.

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