Heather’s Bed Runner and Pillow

My niece sent me fabric to make a bed runner for her newly decorated room.  It finishes at 30″ x 72″ and she gets a bonus pillow.  This photo was taken in the boys old room upstairs.  The quilt on the bed was made as we were moving eleven years ago on a Little Tykes table ~~ not a recomendation as it wiggles way, way, way too much!

Quilt and pillow

My sister, Frances, gave me Tula Pink fabric and after suplementing it with a few others, I used a pattern in “Beyond Neutral” to make this 72″ x 62″ flimsy.  Lucky for me, I have a flannel that will work perfect for the back.Tula Pink Flimsy

Two of these Valentine table runners (tutorial here) were mailled to two gals who gave me very nice tips last year.


Valentine Runners 2015_edited-1

Woo Hoo!  My sister-in-law sent money at Christmas and I used some of it to purchase new parts, new-to-me colored thread and clamps for my Gammill.

 Threads etc

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