White River Backpack and Kathryn’s Mini

Kathryn from PMQG made this mini for me using a similar photograph that my husband took on a prior trip.  Kevin suggested we take the mini with us and photograph it with the same inspirational scene.  Tent Quilt

Once again, we backpacked out of the White River Snow Park and right from the parking lot it was gorgeous ~~ steam rising through the trees.

steam off of trees

We followed the Timberline Trail.  Kevin’s navigational skills are pretty good, but the snow got pretty deep.  Post holing is BAD trail etiquette.

Kevin Post Holing

Mt. Jefferson in the sunset.

Mt Jefferson Sunset

Kevin played with his flashlight.  You can see groomers and climbers on Mt. Hood.

Light show w watermark

Another beautiful night on the mountain!

Mt Hood night with watermark

We were up at 5am drinking coffee and watching the climbers on Hood.


7 Responses to “White River Backpack and Kathryn’s Mini”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. pamelaleflerbecker Says:

    Love reading your blog. The pictures are stunning and so are the many quilts you share!

  3. Jami Says:

    What a beautiful sunset! I love how your tent glows in the night pictures.

  4. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Beautiful photos, as usual! Aren’t we lucky to live in Oregon?

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