A Mashed Up Thumb, Valentine Pixelated Heart and Piecing

I made two of these 30″ square pixelated heart hangings.  One was for Joanne, my friend in Sacramento, and the other for me. They were inspired by this.

Pixilted Heart

Last night, while quilting another batch of pillow covers, my thumb got nailed by the Gammill needle several times.  This is today’s scene.

Finger Mangle

I have all 24 rows of my daughter’s Christmas quilt ready to piece ~~ that’s 546 fractured pieces.Fractured in rows

Joyce is heading up a monthly mystery during our Westside Quilters Guild Sewing Saturdays.  Here are my pieces so far.

WQG Saturday Mystery

Kevin used his Christmas money from his sister for a super powerful flashlight.  This morning, he played around with it and the camera and got this photo.  Pretty cool!


This is the flimsy we finished in Sacramento.  I need to add the borders and piece the back.Joanne Flimsy Bliss Quilt

5 Responses to “A Mashed Up Thumb, Valentine Pixelated Heart and Piecing”

  1. catpatches Says:

    Oh, ouch! Be careful out there. Quilting is not for wimps.

  2. Jami Says:

    Ouch! That has to have hurt!

  3. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    You got an entire quilt top sewn last weekend? You are a whiz! Just be careful and protect that thumb of yours. It comes in very handy when sewing and quilting . . .

  4. Christine Sherman Says:

    hope your finger is healing! i love your heart quilt! i can’t wait to see the Christmas quilt 🙂 the flimsy is gorgeous!

  5. Joanne Says:

    Oooo, I just love that flimsy!! Your thumb looks swollen – hope you are taking care of it. The heart quilt looks wonderful on my table – thanks. Don’t forget to post Sarah’s finished xmas quilt. Visit was wonderful as always.

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