Brrrr! Binding that Quit Outside was a Cold Affair!

Finally, after many, many months of working on this quilt here and there, it’s totally finished!  I pushed through the last 45 inches outside and my fingers were pretty cold by the end.

My daughter gave me the fabric for Christmas last year and by mid-year, I had begun cutting.  A tutorial can be found here. It finishes at about 88″ x 104″.

Penny Patch

Penny Patch close

Penny Patch on bench

11 Responses to “Brrrr! Binding that Quit Outside was a Cold Affair!”

  1. Janet Murdock Says:

    Wowza! Very pretty quilt. How many pieces? (I C your CC issue, lol. I’m leaving mine unless I absolutely have to fix it!)

  2. runandsewquilts Says:

    Hmm… It’s 15 x 17. Every other block has 10, so 1,397 pieces? I just worked on it a little at a time over the summer, then it sat until I found a back, then time to quilt it. Ta Da! I’m pleased.

  3. Merilee Says:

    I knew that back would be on something beautiful!

  4. Lorna McMahon Says:

    Such a pretty quilt! I love the colour scheme and the backing is perfect. Lovely quilting, too! Well done!

  5. Lauren aka Giddy99 Says:

    Why did you quilt it outside?

  6. Jami Says:

    Beautiful – as usual!

  7. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Amazing how a simple pattern looks sophisticated and modern because of your fabric and quilting choices. I love this quilt!

  8. Kathy Cina Says:


  9. Christine Sherman Says:

    This is wonderful and the quilting is lovely!

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