PMQG 2015 Medallion

The Portland Modern Quilt Guild officers created a medallion that members could create each month of 2014.  Thank you, to each of them because it turned out fabulous!  At our Christmas party, 19 nearly finished quilts hung in the room.  Mine was finished last night and measures 60″ square.  I have to say that the first month, when mine hung along with the rest of the participants’ centers, I thought it was very washed out and wimpy.  It sure makes me smile now!

PMQG Medallion 2014

I did straight line quilting, but three lines then a space, repeat…..

PMQG Medallion 2014 close

Here, still with the binding not hand stitched, I held it in the wind with Mt. Hood in the background.PMQG Medallion

Yes, Marcus Mariota may have won the Heisman, but we held the winning ticket to the wee little, but utterly cute, troll hiking buddy at the Christmas party. Swag accompanied us to our favorite snow destination on the flanks of Mt. Hood. We were on the trail by 11pm with headlamps and arrived after midnight ~~ just in time for the moon rise. Between perfect weather and a partial moon, the skies aligned for night photography.

Swag Tree Boy Scout Ridge Watermark

Boy Scout Ridge Moon Watermark

I hauled a two-foot blue tree and battery lights, but it didn’t give Kevin the lighting he expected.Night Tree watermark

Boy Scout Ridge Pano Watermark

2 Responses to “PMQG 2015 Medallion”

  1. Christine Sherman Says:

    It looks great, bright and happy!

  2. Jami Says:

    I absolutely love the blue night picture. Does Kevin sell his prints?
    I love your quilt!

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