PMQG Christmas Party

Due to the wind storm yesterday, my entire car pool cancelled.  40 minutes before the meeting, my son agreed to drive me and we got there in 45 minutes.  In November, if we were interested in participating in the gift exchange, we packed a ziplock bag with fabric and ideas of things we’d like.  The bags were distributed on our way out the door.

Kathryn pulled my bag and, using inspiration from a photo of our tent in front of Mt. Hood, she made this lovely mini quilt.

Gift quilt

Here we both are with her gift to me.

PMQG Dec 2014

Kathryn put a very cute button on the back.

Gift quilt back

I pulled Kimberly’s bag and made her a mug rug, pot holder and purse.

2015 PMQG Exchange_edited-1

This shows the back of all three items.  I used “Quilt Talk” for the paper pieced letter “K”.

2014 PMQG Exchange back_edited-2

There were several gals selling items and I scored five yards of fabric (low volume and a great one for Valentine projects) from Rachel.


2 Responses to “PMQG Christmas Party”

  1. Merilee Says:

    what a perfect mini quilt!!

  2. Marsha Cochrane Says:

    I love the purple bag you made, I’ve seen other ones on older posts on your blog and they are all fabulous. What pattern are you using?

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