Back From Pennsylvania

I’ve returned from my family’s St. Nicholas Day gathering.  My dad loved the barn quilt duplicate.  Here he and my brother hold it next to their work building that has two barn quilts.

SCS Barn quilt front Waynesboro

scs barn quilt back waynesboro

I managed to bind almost half of this on the plane which was a huge lesson in space management.  It measures 62″ x 82″ and I wrote about it in this post.  My oldest brother ended up winning it in the gift exchange.

St Nicholas exchange quilt

St Nick exchange quilt

St Nicholas exchange quilt back

Each morning, I got out for a run.  This is the home where I was raised.

After my run in Waynesboro

My dad is the best breakfast maker, but here he is making an apple pie here.

Pop Pop Red Plaid Shirt

Lucky me!  I came home with a lovely pack of fabric from my youngest sister, Frances.  Some of it is from Tula Pink’s newest line!

Fabric from Frances 2014

and fabric from another sister to make a bed runner for my niece.

Fabric for Heather

3 Responses to “Back From Pennsylvania”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Looks like you had a great trip! And everyone — including you! — must be so pleased with the gifts. Love the house you grew up in!!

  2. annie Says:

    hmm, I see how it works in your family-one person gives you some yummy fabric and then it returns as a quilt, bed runner etc! Great family!! Glad you had such a good time at home with your dad and siblings.

  3. susan webster Says:


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