NW Quilt Expo

At Northwest Quilt Expo, there were 47 Portland Bridge quilts.  Our challeng was to use the Waterfront Park fabric line designed by Violet Craft for Michael Miller.  I chose the St. John’s Bridge and specifically Cathedral Park as my inspiration.  Kevin took these photos in August under the bridge.

St John Bridge closer

St Johns Bridge back

St Johns Quilt Front_edited-1

St Johns Quilt Back_edited-1

St Johns Quilt closeup_edited-1

EXPO Bridge quilt

My “Pantone 18-3224 TWO” quilt hung at the show also.  I’m holding Kevin’s cane as he takes the photo.

EXPO Pantone

And here is how far I am tonight on the guild raffle quilt.

Mona inside whole

2 Responses to “NW Quilt Expo”

  1. Merilee Says:

    OHGosh! I love that raffle quilt! It is just so different. I can see why it was taking so long.

  2. Kory Keller Says:

    The Pantone was amazing. I HATE radiant orchid, but your curves made it fabulous!

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