Bat and the Silcox Hut

Bat runner totally copied from here.  Sara is very gracious about me using her fabulous bat design!  It finishes at 17″ x 24″.

Bat Runner

Bat Runner back

Over the weekend, Kevin and I backpacked the Hidden Lake Trail in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  We set up our tent at 6,200′.   Sunday morning we stayed “off trail” up to 7,000′ and crossed over several snow fields to the Silcox Hut, then down to Timberline Lodge and back to our car.  Totals come to 14 miles and 4,200′ in elevation gain.017-Tent

The arrows show the approximate locations where we crossed two of the snow fields.

117-Snow Crossing 

A quick lay down in the snow.  It is pretty wet this time of year.

 095-Ann in Snow

Coming up from the snow field

 085-Ann Climbing up

Our shadows on opposite side of canyon


Approaching the Silcox Hut

098-Ann Silcox Hut

Timberline Ski Area is installing the Boundry signage in anticipation of ski season.

091-Ski Boundry Silcox Hut

Hidden Lake

146-Hidden Lake

3 Responses to “Bat and the Silcox Hut”

  1. Janet Murdock Says:

    Turned out great!!!

  2. annie Says:

    love reading about all your adventures over the weekend. You two can sure pack some miles and elevation in a short time!

  3. Merilee Says:

    I’m sure this bat is much larger than the one that followed you home…

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