Cats, Bats and Leaves

This week, I’ve been working on three things.  A cat quilt for one sister-in-law and a fall quilt for another.  Then, while browsing Flicker: Fresh Modern Quilts, I came upon this.  Splendid!  My sister and I had bats in our attic bedroom and both absolutely detest them!  Wednesday, I drafted out the pattern with the intent of surprising my sister with a runner.  Wednesday night, I was washing a dish at the kitchen sink and noticed a shadow move over me and then caught a LARGE BLACK flying object to the left.  A BAT!  EEEKK!  I ran for my life and ended up in the basement until my son came home from work and chased it out.  The bat had at least a 12″ wingspan ~~ nearly double the size my sister and I dealt with as girls.  It must have come down the chiminy and I believe it was a one time event.

Cats, Bats, Leaves

2 Responses to “Cats, Bats and Leaves”

  1. Merilee Says:

    One time event huh??? Can’t wait to see all three pieces!

  2. Sara Nixon Says:

    Oh I love him! Glad you found inspiration from my mug rug!

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