“Initially Yours” Quilt Challenge at WQG

Our Westside Quilter’s Guild issued it’s yearly challenge, “Initially Yours”.  My initials are “A” and “C”.  I was raised in the Appalachian Mountains where our family hiked and now I hike and backpack in the Cascade Mountains.  On my quilt, both the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail symbols are among the trees as well as a hiker.  Kevin, my husband, created the initials for me to look like a wandering paths around a peak.  The back is a running themed fabric I won at the guild’s brown bag auction and perfect since I’ve run for over 30 years.  Since we were backpacking on the McNeil trail this past weekend, I toted up the quilt for a photo session.

AC Quilt 01_edited-1

Initially Yours on McNeil Point_edited-1

Kevin near snow

AC Quilt 02_edited-1

AC Quilt 03_edited-1

Tent Night McNeil Point 01_edited-1


McNeil Shelter

Initially Yours in trees

Initially YoursClara handles each year’s challenge and her husband helps.  This year we had 19 participants.

WQG Mystery Challenge

2 Responses to ““Initially Yours” Quilt Challenge at WQG”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Good job, AnnMarie! I especially like the shot of your quilt draped across the tent. And the nightscape is gorgeous!

  2. Merilee Says:

    The backing is perfect…puts two loves together.

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