Another Night on Mt. Hood

13.3 miles from Saturday to Sunday at Lamberson Butte in the Mt. Hood Wilderness and today I’m heading back out with our youngest son to conquer Cooper Spur.

Ann Snowfield 02People ask us what we eat when we are out.  I purchased some freeze dried chicken, spinach; made up a Thai sauce using powdered coconut milk and spices and added noodles.

DinnerHere it my dinner in my squishy bowl along with a beer.

Dinner TimeThe nearly “supermoon” made the sky bright, but you can still see the Big Dipper.

Tent at night smallWe met the owner and creator of Trail Butter.  He gave me a free sample as he and his team were going Round the Mountain in a day (42+ miles).  I’ll be testing it out today as we climb over 4,400′ today.

Trail Butter 01



One Response to “Another Night on Mt. Hood”

  1. susan webster Says:

    What was that…tofu and greens (as they call it in the south!)

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