Quilted Stole for our Priest and a Hike at King’s Mountain

We have a switch of pastors at our church and as tradition goes, we create a stole for him.  Fr. Hugo was ordained in our church a few years back, so we all know and love him already.  He enjoys music and is filled with joy.  The green pieces are similar to our stained glass windows and an incredibly talented  iconographer created the dove with the G-clef as well as the theme for the stole.  In a few hours, he will be wearing this at Mass.
Hugo Stole 2014_edited-1I think our son is finished putting a sheet over himself and holding still while we tested several dove colors and then placement.  Here is his last stint.

Hugo Stole 2014 on Andrew_edited-1EDIT:  Half way through Mass, Kevin whispered to me, “Only in Portland would you ‘put a bird on it'”.  Here is Father Hugo and me after Mass.

Father Hugo StoleYesterday, Kevin and I wanted a quick hike with significant elevation gain.  We headed to King’s Mountain in the coast range and did a 8 mile hike.  Here he asked me to turn around for a photo.

Ann upside down 1When there is a cliff you can fall off with one slip, I’m not a big fan!

Exposure is Too MuchAnd, how about needing a rope?

Rope Kevin



2 Responses to “Quilted Stole for our Priest and a Hike at King’s Mountain”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    The stole is beautiful — my favorite color. Your work on it is lovely!

  2. Merilee Says:

    The stole is lovely and beautiful colors.

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