Wedding Quilt and Cooper Spur Under the “Super” Moon

The wedding quilt that I have been working on is nearly finished.  I was hand stitching the binding on the way to and from our weekend backpack.

Angelina and Wim

Angelina and Wim by SmokeyKevin and I backpacked up Cooper Spur this weekend.  It is one of my favorite spots on the mountain.

Pollalie Ridge Trail 01

Base Camp

Post Dinner RelaxingThe “Super” moon.

Super MoonView of Hood River.

Hood River LightsClose up of a crevass.  They always amaze me.

crevassesSunday morning, we headed up to the 8,500′ level of the spur where we decided to turn around because of a snow-covered knife edge.  You can see the clouds moving in.  This was at 8am.  We hoofed it down to tree line.

No More at 8500 ftThis was 8:17.  Clouds were really moving and there was thunder and ligntning (cloud to cloud).

Kevin Storm CloudsThis was 9am down by the shelter at 6,600′.

Cooper Spur Shelter Stormy SkiesThis was Mt. Adams, in front of us.

Mt Adams Rain

I have to say that the last time we were caught in a thunder/lightning storm was when the kids were little and we were in the southwest.  Kevin was in the car with Charles who was sick and I was with Sarah and Andrew (7 yrs. old) on a ridge.  We had to get past it to continue on the trail.  Somehow we did and we’re here to tell about it.

One Response to “Wedding Quilt and Cooper Spur Under the “Super” Moon”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ha, I guess Mt. Hood is inspiration for us all! Your photos and wedding quilt are lovely too!

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