Ditty Bags Heading to Work Campers

For a zillion years, my sister, Donna, has gone to Group Workcamp!  This marks the third year that their destination has been hit with a natural disaster immediately prior to their arrival.  On Facebook, Donna wrote, “Derecho in West Virginia, Sandy in New Jersey and now this- I am just giving you fair warning Sunbury, PA – 2015!”  This year they are in Virginia Beach, VA, right after a hurricane hit.

Each year, I put together something for each of the leaders and each niece, nephew or sibling that Donna coherses to go.  Years ago, my daughter, Sarah, joined them.  This year, I used that diaper cover fabric to make ditty bags and put some items from the dollar store.  The wash cloths grow to regular size when submerged in water.

Work Camp 2014

Work Camp 2014 Package

One Response to “Ditty Bags Heading to Work Campers”

  1. annie Says:

    What a fun idea! I had to look up Work Camp and was impressed to learn it was working for strangers, not a family working on their own projects. You have a selfless family!

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