27 Miles in Badger Creek Wilderness

After the 5K run on the 4th of July, Kevin and I headed out on a backpack in the Badger Creek Wilderness.  The hike began at 3600′ and went up to 6000′, back to 3600′ and up to 6500′ and then to the starting 3600′.  Both nights were splendid camp spots.  There were a lot of blow-downs to navigate, snow to cross and scenes to view; but we got in a lot of miles and elevation in 27 miles.

Tree Crawl

Beer BreakNight sky at first night:  Gunsite Ridge.

Night Sky Gunsite ridge

Lookout Mt Tent MorningMorning light on Mt. Hood at Lookout Mountain.

Morning Lookout Mountain

Mossy TreeOne of the many snow patches to cross.

Kevin snow

2 Responses to “27 Miles in Badger Creek Wilderness”

  1. annie Says:

    It looks beautiful! And isolated. Did you ever see any other people?

  2. runandsewquilts Says:

    We saw about six groups of hikers or backpackers on the middle day, but none on the first or third.

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