Spiced Chai Quilt and I Won a Door Prize

I finished the binding on this Spiced Chai Quilt from Vintage Quilt Revival last night at the PMQG meeting.  Accidentially, I followed the directions for the 12″ block instead of the 15″ block and when I put them together, 48″ just didn’t seem right for a 60″ quilt.  Upon realizing my mistake, I added a border and now it’s 54″ square.  It will be off to Germany with the Forest Grove Exchange Student, Finn.

FinnThank you, Fabric Depot, for all the fabulous door prizes you give to PMQG.  I was a lucky winner last night!  And thank you to our board members who procure all the great doorprizes!

PMQG Door Prize June

One Response to “Spiced Chai Quilt and I Won a Door Prize”

  1. wombatquilts Says:

    Oh I love how this turned out and the border makes the pattern suspend mid quilt. It is a fabulous addition….did you always plan to add a border or was this a happy accident?

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