Rasta Quilt and Paradise Park on Mt. Hood

Kevin and I backpacked 16 miles this past weekend in the Mt. Hood Forest up the Kiwanas Trail to Paradise Park.  Snow started at 5,000′.  In the photo below, you can see eight climbers’ lights on the right side of the mountain.  This photo was at 2:45am.Climbers watermarkThe wonderful forest smells wafed through most of the trail until we hit snow.

Ann rhododendronThe evening sky was incredible with a cloud cover and the sun shining through.Sun raysRight after this, we experienced near white out conditions.

White OutBeautiful views of the mountain yesterday morning on our hike out.

Ann and Kevin Lost Creek

Snow TextureA friend has the “funnest” Italian exchange student.  I agreed to duplicate a zig zag Rasta quilt she found on Pinterest for him.  Any help with the credit would be appreciated.  I’m using a tutorial found here.

RastaOur USMC son arrived from Yuma, AZ with a stomach ache after the long drive, so he took a nap.  At 6″4″, I’m not sure how comfortable this is?


2 Responses to “Rasta Quilt and Paradise Park on Mt. Hood”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Is your son stationed in Yuma? My grandma and aunt live there, I’ve made the 23 hours drive many times!

  2. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    I so enjoy your spectacular nature shots, AnnMarie! It’s good to have family around, isn’t it? My two granddaughters (11 and 14) are visiting from California.

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