A Tricked out Gammill and Quilt Finishes

My brother turns 50 in a few weeks and since all eight of us kiddos will be together for my dad’s 80th birthday (in Wonderful Wild West Virginia), I’ll finish hand-stitching the binding down for him.  It finishes at 56″ x 72″ and the pattern can be found here.  I added vertical rows that are not on the pattern.Touchdown Broncos

Touchdown Broncos back_edited-1When I return from PA with an extra 18″ of the black stuff, I will no longer trip over my power cord in the back of my machine!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks Dad!

Ann Pop Pop quilting machine_edited-1My Pantone 18-3224 TWO quilt is finally finished.  After so many challenges with the first one, I avoided them the second time.  This quilt finishes at 41″ x 55″ and will hang in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show with others from Portland Modern Quilt Guild.

Pantone 18-3224 Two watermark

One Response to “A Tricked out Gammill and Quilt Finishes”

  1. annie Says:

    Wow! You constantly amaze me with your designs!!!

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