Thank you PMQG Sew Day Advisers!

At Quiltcon in February 2013, my sister fell in love with this quilt.  We purchased all the fabric, and in July, I pieced the center a little larger because she wanted a queen size quilt.  Well, it didn’t look good that big, so we’ve been brainstorming, shopping, sending fabric swatches and taking photos since.  We live 3,000 miles apart.

Lucky Penny wholeAt the Sew Day yesterday, I pulled bolt after bolt into the classroom and had many wonderful gals helping with the color choices.  The consensus is to sew a 2″ border of the wine color (right of olive) and then off center that on the dark purple shot cotton (far right).  Frances says, “THANK YOU!” to all who helped with her quilt.  The large floral was switched to the back a while ago.

Lucky Penny at Fabric Depot



One Response to “Thank you PMQG Sew Day Advisers!”

  1. annie Says:

    That’s what I love about doing creative things with others! Sometimes you just need that extra help or push in some direction.

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