Easter 2014 and a Few Quilty Items

Happy Easter from last night’s Vigil Mass. Church Easter Vigil 01 My daughter and son-in-law had wanted a pillow so I made one with copper fabric for their seventh anniversary last week.  It was my first time using Essex linen. Kingsbury Seven… and the back had one special word for them. Kingsbury Seven backMy Scrappy Trip Along went to a lady my sister-in-law cares for who recently moved.  Miss Thelma is quite tickled with her new quilt. Thelma

3 Responses to “Easter 2014 and a Few Quilty Items”

  1. stitchinstein Says:

    Awe! I love how you echo quilted the 7, there’s a lot of symbolism in that pillow. Thanks for sharing a photo of Miss Thelma and her new quilt. Such a beautiful quilt, and recipient, indeed!!

  2. Merilee Says:

    I love the pillow! A very nice anniversary gift. Thelma love’s her quilt and it gives a lovely “pop” to her room. I’m going to make a small lap afghan using some of the same colors for her recliner.

  3. Christine Says:

    Love the pillow very cool stitching the word seven on the back!! Love the scrappy strip I just started one the other day 8 blocks made we will see how it grows 🙂 Happy Easter!!

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