Yellow / Grey Baby Quilt and Mt. Hood Backpack

My friend, Joanne, sent me the fabric and asked me to make this quilt for a co-worker.  I was binding it in the car, so took a photo of it in front of Mt. Hood.

Joanne Quilt_edited-1

Kevin has been wanting to take this photo and set a 25 second exposure, so we had to sit still for that long.
Kevin and AnnThe nearly full moon was so bright that the stars didn’t show so well this time.  We took our 28 year old tent along and it held up through 30 mph wind gusts from midnight through the morning.

TentFolding this tarp was tough.  I had to brace myself or I’d be knocked over.

Wind PowerA different “morning coffee” shot.  It was tough to boil water with the wind as strong as it was, but I honkered down in a corner of our dug out kitchen area.

Morning Coffee


3 Responses to “Yellow / Grey Baby Quilt and Mt. Hood Backpack”

  1. Merilee Says:

    I can remember a camping trip to property we had in Colorado (in the motor home though) where we sat around the campfire in the snow and my step-son Craig made campers coffee….it was the best coffee I’ve ever had, probably because I was so darned cold….it boiled and boiled and boiled…

  2. Merilee Says:

    OM..Gosh…I just saw a close up of the baby blanket…the elephants!

  3. wombatquilts Says:

    What an impressive backdrop for your darling quilt.

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