2014 Pantone “Challenge” Quilt it WAS !!!

My 2014 Pantone Challenge Quilt:  Radiant Orchid.  36″ x 50″.  You can see the others entries here and here.

Pantone 2014 Challenge Large Quilt

My Pantone Challenge for the mini division is this 18″ pillow with a quilted back and zipper.

Pantone 2014 Challenge Mini Pillow

My Pantone Collection.  Yes, I did get a bit carried away.

Pantone 2014 Challenge Collection

A zippered purse using a pattern from Vintage Quilt Revival.  This could be a mini, but I think the pillow is fine for that category.

Pantone 2014 Challenge Mini Quilt

Below are more photos of my quilt followed by my process.  The backing and binding are from Mo Bedell’s Hothouse Flower collection.  I used Kona Silver for the background.  The stems and squares are machine appliqued onto the top.  I quilted it a bit diagonal with straight lines (five to the inch) using fuchsia thread.  The batting is Hobbs 80/20.

Pantone 2014 Challenge close up of quilting

Pantone 2014 Challenge close

Pantone 2014 Challenge close up corner of quilting

Pantone_edited-1This was my process:  Using two different templates and several fabric combinations, I made 140 quarter circle blocks.  After sewing several together, I landed on one block worked.

Pantone Challenge pieces

After sewing six blocks, I took a group photo, printed it on paper and cut them out to find a pleasing layout.

Pantone Challenge Layout with PaperKevin suggested quilting straight lines at a bit of an angle, so I prepared the back and quilted away.

Pantone being quiltedThe quilt came out way crooked without my usual pinning to the leaders. 

Pantone Pillow and QuiltMy best option was to block it.  The first wash, I used Synthropol and there was bleeding.  The second, I used Retayne and it came out fine.  Running the de-humidifier throughout the night removed the moisture and I had a square quilt!

Pantone Quilt being Blocked_edited-1

My neighbor and friend, Debby, was spot on with her comment, “- the quilt is gorgeous and the back story kind of reflects what we all have to do in life if we are lucky enough to have the skills and tools to pull off getting to the desired outcome.”

37 Responses to “2014 Pantone “Challenge” Quilt it WAS !!!”

  1. Christine Says:

    Love it they turned out gorgeous congratulations!!

  2. Christine Sherman Says:

    I’m not a fan of purple tones, so this years color didn’t excite me much. However, I love your quilt!! It’s gorgeous. And your other projects are wonderful as well!

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      Thank you! Purple isn’t one of my favorites. You do some great quilts. There is still time to enter something or maybe next year.

  3. Sarah from milaandcuatro Says:

    This looks amazing, I love the dense quilting, the backing, the binding and, of course, the striking block.

  4. Wendy from NZ Says:

    Well done! They’re all lovely (including the backing fabric). You’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this challenge.Good luck.

  5. DeborahGun Says:

    lovely entries. Great curves!!

  6. Vera Says:

    great projects! well done!

  7. Merilee Says:

    I love the design. Purple? Looks more orchid to me. And, I love purple. The pieces you have with it are lovely.

  8. Alison Says:

    Beautiful design

  9. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Love your design, AnnMarie! Everything came together beautifully!!

  10. jodydeschenes Says:

    that quilt is OMG amazing!!!

  11. Adrianne Says:

    Wow!!!! I love how you’ve taken the drunkard’s path block to the next level with the stems – it makes for a very striking original design. Good on you for going the extra mile to get the quilt just perfect – it was definitely worthwhile because it is just stunning! Love how you got carried away and made yourself a whole collection and radiant orchid things – so fun!

  12. Molli Sparkles Says:

    I like this because it is so non-traditional. For me, it is exploring the concepts of mapping, the journey, and discovery. Of course it is beautiful, but it makes me think, and that is very much appreciated!

  13. quiltingmod Says:

    I’m enjoying your layout of quarter circles. Adding the appliqué was a very nice compliment. Well done all the way around.

  14. Renee Says:

    Beautiful quilt, with a unique and interesting design!

  15. Karyn Says:

    Both challenge pieces are lovely.

  16. Vicki Says:

    Beautiful Quilt AnnMarie!

  17. Rachel@2ndavestudio Says:

    I love it!!! Way to move drunkards path forward! So great!

  18. Lauren aka Giddy99 Says:


  19. kris Says:

    Love your design!

  20. Bec Says:

    Wow! This quilt is fantastic! The design is just incredible. Well done!

  21. Jennie @ Jennie's Threads Says:

    I love all your projects but the quilt is absolutely stunning!

  22. runandsewquilts Says:

    Aw, thanks everyone for the nice comments.

  23. Amira@littlemushroomcap Says:

    so lovely.. I love all of them! The quilting textures are gorgeous too! Good luck!

  24. Anne Says:

    Wow. Just wow. So first of all, your little radiant orchid party you have going on is amazing and all kinds of wonderful! I love that the pillow is the inverse of the quilt, as well. The pillow is quite lovely!
    That quilt though is a stunner. I love the unique shape you found, and how you pushed it even more with the appliqué. It’s gorgeous!

  25. wombatquilts Says:

    This quilt is even more spectacular in person…. once again you have rocked the Pantone challenge… and the block is just amazing.

  26. Joanne Thomson Says:

    Awesome – as always. Love your patterns.

  27. Lorna McMahon Says:

    Oh yeah! You nailed it! Love the curves. Great design!

  28. Elizabeth Dackson Says:

    Oh my goodness these are gorgeous!! I love all the curves, they look so great with the shades of orchid!

  29. Pantone Quilt Challenge: Radiant Orchid – Winners! | Play Crafts Says:

    […] Untitled by Run and Sew Quilts. Photo by Run and Sew Quilts. […]

  30. soma1773 Says:

    Beautiful projects!! Congratulations!!


  31. Anne Woodman Says:

    This quilt is amazing. I just saw it on another blog and hurried over to tell you how much I like it!

  32. learn more Says:

    learn more

    2014 Pantone “Challenge” Quilt it WAS !!! | RunandsewQuilts’s Weblog

  33. quiltcharette Says:

    Will you remember this as your ‘purple period’? 🙂 All of these are lovely, and I appreciate the lesson in how to block a quilt.

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