“Alta Moda” Quilt

Fanny and Irena picked up fabric for me in Italy during a quick jaunt into a textile shop.  I used the pattern, Hot Shot, by Maple Island Quilts.  On the back, a Juliana Horner fabric from Joann’s worked out nice. The square in the bottom right has a rather large piece of selvage with the words, Alta Moda and that’s how this quilt was named.  It measures 47″ x 72″.  Naked people are featured on the psychedelic looking fabric (second photo:  top row second from left and fourth row down, far right).Alta Moda on chair Alta ModaThanks to my Italian friends for such a nice gift.  I made their family a pillow with with some of the fabric.

Fanny pillow

2 Responses to ““Alta Moda” Quilt”

  1. Merilee Says:

    it looks so old fashioned…like something you would pull right from the cedar chest at Grandma’s….well, except for the nekkid people…

  2. susan webster Says:

    I couldn’t see any naked people!!!

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