Lots of Curves for Pantone Challenge Quilt

I have the top pieced and just need to add some “stuff” before quilting my Pantone Challenge quilt.  Using both the Mod Pop and Elisa’s Backporch curve templates, I ended up with 140+ pieces, but only needed 80 for my entry.  The back will be Mo Bedell’s Hothouse Flowers and the binding is on the bottom of the pile.

Pantone in the WorksWe mailed in our backpacking permit request for Yosemite.  If we are rejected, we’ll try for a permit to backpack the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.


3 Responses to “Lots of Curves for Pantone Challenge Quilt”

  1. dawn at firstlightdesigns Says:

    Your Pantone Challenge quilt is going to be amazing, AnnMarie! (Alas, I am not going to get a challenge piece done — maybe next year.)

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      I just machine appliqued all the pieces on this morning and am thinking of how to quilt it.
      Remember that your piece can be small.

  2. Nancy Kennedy Says:

    Looks like we both were thinking circles for the 2014 Radiant Orchid challenge. I made three. They’re posted on the Flickr page, but can only enter two of them as two fit into the under 30″ category. Can’t decide whether to enter the little flying geese one or the playing with circles one. There’s a new one up there today. It’s really nice! Can’t wait to see your finished project.

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