Binding at the Shelter

I hand-stitched about 120 inches in two hours this morning.  Only one more night at the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter for this season for me.  We serve about 40 men and women each night and during my wake time, I sit in the hall by this chair cart and sew.  This is the same backing and binding I used on Jessica’s quilt.

Binding at ShelterRight before leaving for the shelter last night, my dishwasher stopped producing water.  Who would have guessed that the float stuck?  Not me!  I hand-washed the entire load.


Our appliance repair guys from A-Best stopped by this morning and, in addition to immediately recognizing the float error, repaired the coupling in the washing machine.  It is amazing how fast they can diagnose a problem.

Washing Machine

2 Responses to “Binding at the Shelter”

  1. Janet Kay Murdock Says:

    I learned last night that there is an app for your phone that can diagnose your appliances. Crazy!! Glad you got your repairs done so quickly.

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