The First Day of Christmas

It’s the First Day of Christmas and there is something in my chest.  Drats!!  Kevin got a photo of our daughter’s cat under the tree and on top of the tree pants I made her this year.

Bonnie under Christmas Tree 2013 Here’s the second cat quilt I made.  This one was a gift to my daughter.  I followed along with the Cat Quilt Along at Oh Fransson’s blog.

Oh Fransson Cat Quilt Two

Oh Fransson Cat Quilt Back Two

The package I was waiting for arrived the afternoon of Christmas Eve, so this is how my friends gift looked.

Mike and Jean_edited-1

Sarah was sick with a bad cold and I love all the quilted items she’s curled up with at my home.
Sarah among quilts sickMy son-in-law is a huge University of Oregon fan and watches all their football games.  I made him a U of O wall hanging for game days.

U of O for Michael

I’m still whittling away at the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt Along.

Celtic Mystery_edited-1




2 Responses to “The First Day of Christmas”

  1. Janet Kay Murdock Says:

    OK seriously who looks that pretty when they’re sick?? lol. Sorry Sarah was sick, but hey she looks good doing it! I love all your projects, they turned out great. I’ve been wanting to make a “tree quilt” out of a carpenters star (thought it was appropriate for the season, lol) I’ll have to copy the idea for your tree pants =)

  2. Squirrellyshirley Says:

    I too just love seeing all your projects. SO inspiring….. I daydream of the day when these kids are out from under my feet………til then I can only do a few!!

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