Twas the Night Before Christmas and I’m Still Sewing…..

Multi-tasking, rather…  As I eat my lunch, I’ll update my blog.  Oh Fransson’s Cat Quilt Along.  One is bound the other still needs the hand stitching.  The back is a large cat I created to match the many on the front.

Oh Fransson Cat Quilt Along_edited-1

Oh Fransson Cat Quilt Along back_edited-1A pillow for my neighbor to match the Portland Revels quilt.  She is their director and this is her zodiac sign.

Debby pillow_edited-1

Ditty Bags filled with a surprise.  A quilt that still needs the binding hand stitched down is wrapped in the front.  I’m waiting on fabric to arrive for the last quilt I planned on making.  Hopefully, I can make a small dent in it this afternoon between baking for tomorrow.  It, too, will be wrapped unfinished.

Evening GiftsTwo Happy Birthday banners for two of my daycare families.

Happy Birthday banners_edited-1For our postal carrier…

Mail Linda_edited-113 potholders to attach to the luggage tags (like above).


luggage tags_edited-1The third tree pants this year is being delivered right now to my friend, Elizabeth.

Tree Pants for Elizabeth_edited-1My sister, Donna, sends flowers every Christmas for my table.  It’s under construction now, but will be cleared before the night’s out.  Thank you, Donna!





3 Responses to “Twas the Night Before Christmas and I’m Still Sewing…..”

  1. Christine Sherman Says:

    Gosh you are a busy lady, it all looks great!!

  2. Jami Says:

    I am inspired by all that you do! I’m so glad that I’ve
    gotten to meet you thru the guild. Merry Christmas.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    We LOVE our tree pants! You are the best AnnMarie. I adore thee. xo, Elizabeth

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