Still Quilt-Along-ing

I’m keeping up on the Cat Quilt Along, but will need to purchase the pattern since these are two Christmas gifts and the daily cats run through December.

Oh Fransson_edited-1
Nativity in the Trees is nearly finished.  It calls for a nativity and star, and as much as I love Jesus, he’s just not going on this quilt.  It’s a Christmas gift and I’m not saying for who.  I totally love the colors and really want to keep it for myself.

I’m way behind on the Celtic Solstice, but have begun some cutting and sewing.


My son-in-law is a huge Oregon Ducks fan and since they have a place in their living room for small wall quilts and since he has a big flat screen tv for watching the games, this is perfect.  The quilt on the floor in the back is another Christmas gift.


Last night, I thought that this pattern by Terry Atkinson would make a perfect pillow so I started one for my daughter and one for me.Pillows_edited-1Here is my quilt hanging in the North Plains library among the beautiful woodwork.  Emily has other fabulous patterns and you can purchase them here.

The librarians look like kids!  The quilt raffle by the desk has nothing to do with my quilt hanging.

Twas the Night at Library_edited-1

3 Responses to “Still Quilt-Along-ing”

  1. Christine Sherman Says:

    The tree quilt looks amazing!! That quilt hanging up is so absolutely wonderful, I love it so much!!

  2. Merilee Says:

    the tree quilt is beautiful! What an honor to have your quilt hung so prominently at the library…one of my favorite quilts.

  3. Jami Says:

    As usual, I am amazed at all you do! I love the tree quilt! You are making me like the Modern Quilt movement.

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