Christmas Tree Pants and a Runner

My niece asked me for a tree skirt.  Well, she’s getting pants.  It’s a cross between these two tutorials with my own changes (9″ blocks, spacers):  Tallgrass Prarie Studio and Ellison Lane.  It’s upside down in the photo.

Tree Skirt for LaurenSince she’s trying to scam a matching deer table topper out of my sister, I’m sending my sister a new topper with instructions not to give it to her daughter.

Christmas Elf Runner for Donna_edited-1I snagged an orphan block from Anne before she moved to Old Station, Cal. and made it into a pillow for my home.

Anne Woodman pillowHere is the snowman I built today ~~ early morning and late afternoon.


Snowman 01Yesterday morning, I had to really bundle up for my run as it was 12 degrees.  This is when I returned ~~ with five tops in the dark.

12 degrees

3 Responses to “Christmas Tree Pants and a Runner”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Tree Pants — after I stopped laughing I realized what a fabulous idea it is! Great show-and-tell on your blog today!

  2. Merilee Says:

    Your snowman before and after the hot toddy…

  3. createandservewithlove Says:

    Love the pillow you made with my block!

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