Janet, You Saved My Life

Dear Janet, you saved my life by leaving the white spool of thread on my doorstep yesterday.  My limited spool made it approx. 5/6 of the way.  THANK YOU!  I’ll bring a new spool on Wednesday unless you need this one sooner.

Murdock Manor

2 Responses to “Janet, You Saved My Life”

  1. Janet Kay Murdock Says:

    lol, consider it your Christmas gift!! No need to replace it. Glad to be of some help. I have been there many a time myself =) These really are stunning quilts.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Hi AnnMarie! I keep meaning to say I LOVE your quilting on these. Great work, as always 🙂 I finally got those edgerider wheels on my machine earlier this year as you had suggested a few years ago. They really do make a difference. Keep up the marvelous work!

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