Our Second “Twas the Night” Quilt is Finished

Two down and one to go.   Mine is hanging in the North Plains library and Frances’ arrived in Philadelphia today with just a little bit of binding left to hand-stitch down.  All the time we worked on the quilt, she said how fun it would be to have a mouse on it; so, I put one on the label.  Another sister suggested that we get cat toy mice and put them in the quilt so that when she flips it open, they scurry out.  I did it and she said that our “plan” worked perfect.  Now she’s putting the mice back in to scare her children ~~ on St. Nicholas Day, never-the-less.

Twas the Night FrancesSarah’s quilt top and back are ready to quilt, but it took me about four days each to quilt the first two.

The pattern can be purchased from Carolina Patchworks and her directions are super simple to follow, but these quilts take a LOT of time!

One Response to “Our Second “Twas the Night” Quilt is Finished”

  1. Merilee Says:

    I should be so busy…

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