Mustache Pillowcase for New USMC Sergeant

Charles, our USMC son, will be promoted to Sergeant on November 1st, so I’m sending him a little goodie box filled with things he loves and can’t get in Yuma.  Yes, that is a mustache pillowcase.

SergeantMy daughter’s birthday is Dia de los Muertos (Nov. 2nd) and she and her hubby are in Mexico this year.  I gave her a purse before she left (Sarah’s is in the bottom photo) and my sister-in-law begged for one so I made Vivian one.

dia de los muertos bag 2 back

dia de los muertos bag 2 front

dia de los muertos purseKevin captured our house early this morning, but struggled to get the crescent moon.
Crecent Moon over house 01

One Response to “Mustache Pillowcase for New USMC Sergeant”

  1. Merilee Says:

    oooo…full strap on it….

    And Charles a Sergeant? I’m so proud of him.

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