Sewing 3,000 Miles Apart

My youngest sister and I are each  working on another ’twas the night quilt.  Frances is in Philadelphia and I am here in Oregon ~~ both on our dining room tables.

Sewing letters

ThreadFrances’ dining room table has also been overtaken!

FrannieThis is my ’twas the night quilt at the Northwest Quilt Expo.  See Carolina Patchwork for the pattern.  It is very time consuming, but Emily’s directions are quite easy!

twas the night at EXPOAt our recent Westside Quilters Guild quilt show, Aron Carleson, City Council Chair, chose my quilt for the Community Award.  How lucky am I that it spoke to her.

aron  carleson

2 Responses to “Sewing 3,000 Miles Apart”

  1. Kathy C. Says:

    The quilt show was wonderful. Loved all your quilts and your Twas the Night quilt is amazing!!! 🙂

  2. myolivebranch Says:

    Fun! Love both quilts!

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