“I Spy” Quilt Finished on Way to Goat Rocks

I was nearly finished the binding near the Ranger Station, so I took the opportunity to capture my “I SPY” with Smokey the Bear.

Smokey the Quilt fanKevin titled this, “Smokey, the Quilt Fan” and noted that “Only you can bring a quilt on a backpack”.

Kevin and I spent a long weekend backpacking at Goat Rocks Wilderness.  It was spectacular!

view from top of old snowy 01

This is how we hang our “smellables” from critters.  In bear country, it would need to be much higher and further away from trees.

bear bag night 1

We passed out string cheese to thru hikers on the PCT and left them notes in the trail.good morning pctThere was a very long snow field to pass over while heading up to Old Snowy.

ann snow fieldGoat Lake.

goat lake


RocksGoats up in the rocky area.


Mt. Adams at sunrise.

sunrise mt adams

Jordan Basin.
Jordan Basin viewMt. Rainier and Goat Lake.

goat lake rainier


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