Backpacking Around South Sisters

Kevin and I spent 2.5 days and 3 nights backpacking around South Sisters in Eastern Oregon for a total of 36.5 miles.  Our first night was at our lucky #13 site.

campsite 13

Day two was a 16 mile day and we found this lovely spot with a rock patio for cooking and relaxing.

camp 2 rock patio

Here is Camp Lake and where the maintained trail ends.  We went off-trail through South & Middle Sister.

Camp Lake

Kevin and Ann Camp Lake

End maintained trail

Ouch!   It really wasn’t that bad as it only took 12 minutes from the bottom to where it leveled out again.

Ann nail biting trail ahead

There was snow to play in.Ann playing on snow fieldRivers to cross.

Ann water crossing 02

Stars at night to watch.
camp 3 at night

Water to gather and sanitize.
kevin collecting water

Snow to cross.
Kevin crossing snow field

Trail blazes in trees to keep us on the correct path.
kevin trail blaze

Lava flows to hike through.

path through lava flow

The Pole Creek fire devastation ~~ which was beautiful in reality.
Pole Creek fire area 02

Trees that remind us not to conform.
don't conform

Trails that seem to go on for miles through plains.Wickiup plain

We swung by the Stitchin Post and I selected fabric for a niece and nephew that are expecting their first baby girl soon.


We took advantage of Smokey’s help across the street.  This quilt was begun probably eight years ago (before pieced backs were popular) and I finished binding it in the car.

Smokey and Houses

Smokey and the Houses whole

4 Responses to “Backpacking Around South Sisters”

  1. firstlightdesigns Says:

    Charming quilt, AnnMarie! And I loved your photo of the trees and your comment!

  2. susan webster Says:

    thanks for the tour and I LOVE that quilt!!!

  3. Merilee Says:

    Did you haul the quilt in, or take the picture first?? What a trip! I’m sharing your blog link with my god-daughters so that they can see your trip.

  4. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    We LOOOOOOVE your blog!! Daniel LOVES seeing all the hiking pictures and the girls love the fabric and quilts!! Something for everybody to love!!

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