Golf Tournament Quilt and 4T

Here is my contribution to the Kacy Straub Memorial Golf Tournament this Saturday in Scotland, PA.  Kacy died in a car crash three years ago.  She was a Mid Penn Conference and District golf champion.

At 60″ x 70″, this argyle quilt is in the mail.  We did sneak a photo in Hood River as the binding was being sewn down.

Kacy quilt at MtThe only fabric I purchased was the argyle that is on the back.  I couldn’t figure out how to use it in a quilt and my daughter, Sarah, suggested making the front argyle and using the piece on the back.  Genius!

Kacy back

Kacy StraubYesterday, my 21 year old son and I hit the 4T.  It was a fun and took under five hours to complete the trip from our home.

We took the MAX train to the zoo for the trail part.


Andrew spotted this sign and got a chuckle out of it.
4T sign

4T treesWhile we were on the trolley, Andrew spotted Ben and Jerry’s, so we jumped off, got a treat and got on the next one.

4T Ben and Jerrys

2 Responses to “Golf Tournament Quilt and 4T”

  1. housesloth Says:

    Now I know you could have stopped for beer, too!


  2. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    “pay no attention to the feet behind the quilt!!” hahahaha!!! LOVE the argyle!!

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