Cooper Spur

We backpacked to the Cooper Spur Shelter via the Polallie Ridge Trail, spent the night and continued to the Spur (8,930′) yesterday.  Our return was via the Tilly Jane trail and finished our 14.5 mile hike.  Kevin got a fabulous night shot of the shelter.

Cooper Spur Shelter under moonlightDeer do NOT chew with their mouth closed.  Check out the greens in the mouth.  How appropriate we caught this photo because July’s full moon is called a Full Buck Moon because this is the time that bucks begin to grow new antlers.


Ann Polallie Ridge trail

Curly branch

Kevin and Ann Cooper Spur

Polallie Ridge trail tall trees


2 Responses to “Cooper Spur”

  1. Anya King Says:

    I love this time of year for hiking in Oregon! The photos are beautiful.

  2. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    GREAT PICS!! I so enjoy your blog!!

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