Barn Quilts on Family Home

Where the swimming pool was when I was a child is the “brown building” that is now a machine shop.  My dad enlisted the help of my brother and his children to create two barn quilts that hang in Waynesboro, PA.

Barn Quilts menAndrew helped get the second “barn quilt” up.

Barn Quilts Hanging
Here are seven of us eight siblings with our dad in front of the quilts.  One sister was in Europe.Barn Quilts with Sibs

Some of the highlights of our East Coast visit include the Waynesboro Firecracker 5K where seven of us ran (one unicycled).

Firecracker 5Ka

It was so, so fun to see the cousins coming into the finish line together.  Lydia on the right decided to run the race the night before.


Since we were only a few miles from Gettysburg, Kevin and I headed over and watched a battle during the 150 year celebration.  It was HOT!

Kevin and I wore our “Civil War” tee shirts and enlisted Confederate and Union guys to stand by us for a fun photo.


Gettysburg 2

Gettysburg North and South

My father pushed while I hefted myself up on this hay wheat bale so Kevin could get a silhouette shot.

Hay bale Ann

The Kutztown Festival had a LOT of quilts.  One (not shown) went for $11,000 at the auction.  It was stunning.

Kuntztoen quilts

I finished binding this quilt that my mom started in 2002.

Laura quilt

Our dad grew a beard to surprise all of us kids.  Probably the best moment on the entire trip was finding out that he is immensely ticklish.

Pop Pop giggles

Pop Pop ticklish

Our family has a huge 4th of July party with the town fireworks following.  Here is the very top of the slip and slide with our children.

Slip n Slide Cowleys

Slip n Slide w Barn Quilts

Fireworks 02

Fireworks 01

Our brother-in-law did a nice trumpet solo.

Brian trumpet

Dad still delivers my paper route that I started 40 years ago.  I believe most all of us delivered papers on this trip.Record Herald

Goodbye rooster.  Today you will be made into chicken soup.  Tomorrow, no one will wake to your crackly crowing.Rooster

Many songs were played for us by Dad.Organ

My dad has a climbing guide book of White Rocks.  Here he is hiking up to the rocks.

White Rocks hike Dad

Our family home.

Flag Waynesboro

7 Responses to “Barn Quilts on Family Home”

  1. housesloth Says:

    Inspiring post today, and I love the barn blocks. What a great dad you have; you are a lucky girl.


  2. susan webster Says:

    Looks like you had so much fun!!!

  3. Frances Says:

    You were standing on a bale of wheat my dear sweet sister. I miss you already.

  4. Janet Kay Murdock Says:

    LOVED this post!! What a wonderful family you have AnnMarie!

  5. Merilee Says:

    I always love seeing your Dad…and his beard is so nice! I love the barn quilts!! A lovely tribute to the quilters in your family.

  6. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    OH ANN, what LOVELY pictures!! Thank you for sharing all of those!! I loved seeing your family and house!!

  7. Vicki Says:

    Thanks for sharing AnnMarie!

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