NY City and the Mayor

My daughter and son-in-law took off earlier than the rest of us and are in NY City with my sister and three cousins.  Three of them got up early to check out The Today Show.  They were at their third TV place and ran smack into former Mayor Giuliani and asked for a photo.  Isn’t it great?!?  I’m loving the reader board at the top.  My dad is an avid FOX news guy, so he’s happy with this.

NY City Mayor smallMeanwhile, I’m trying to get enough hand sewing ready to take with me and a few gifts finished.  So far, so good.

Binding 2013

Two covered journals for nieces and eight ditty bags for Group Workcamp participants are finished.gifts 2013

Seven 16 oz. beers will be strategically tucked in a queen size quilt my mom started in 2002.
Quilt 2013

One Response to “NY City and the Mayor”

  1. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    Is that an Unger Farm bag I see!! EXCELLENT!!

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