More Binding Ahead

This makes three quilts that need the binding hand stitched down.   I LOVED Film in the Fridge’s Marcelle Plus Quilt with a low volume background, so I made one for me!

Plus Binding

For years, I suggested that my husband run in the country near our home.  He always said he’d be hit by a car, but one time while training for the marathon, he did and loved it.  For years, I’ve also suggested he get a bike and ride with me on our non-running days.  On Friday, he still maintained that he would be hit by a car.  On Saturday, he became a bike owner and rider.  We rode between showers yesterday.

Kevin and Ann Riding Bikes

3 Responses to “More Binding Ahead”

  1. susan webster Says:

    I recognize that neighborhood!!! Like to see the familiar places….don’t miss the ‘showers’ though!!! You can have ’em!!!
    BTW…a newbie question again….what is the criteria for hand binding as opposed to machine binding. I hate hand binding.

    • runandsewquilts Says:

      Funny that you don’t like hand binding when you do such beautiful hand work. I believe that whatever you do as long as it’s neat is fine. I bound by machine for years, but have switched to all hand stitching for a few years now. ~~ miss you a lot!

  2. Vicki Says:

    He can do wheeles around the cars!

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