Thanks Again, Andover Fabrics

My gift came in the mail a few days ago from the “Stash Contest” at Andover Fabrics.  Oh, the possibilities!

Andover WINNINGSIt’s been raining for a few days, but here is a photo down the driveway of our roses, peonies and other flowers.  I think there are close to 20 rose bushes in this lovely pink shade along our quite long driveway.

Roses driveway


Roses driveway 06


2 Responses to “Thanks Again, Andover Fabrics”

  1. susan webster Says:

    The flowers are beautiful and I am assuming Kevin took the rose picture or have you now become a pro also??!!

    I have a question about the stash you got from Andover. Remember, I am new to quilting and I haven’t used any of the precut stuff yet (fat quarters, etc) but some of those packets look as if they are individually pre-cut squares….what is that called? Or am I not seeing right?

  2. firstlightdesigns Says:

    A double delight: first, to get the news that you won the packet of fabric, and then: to receive it! They look gorgeous!

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